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It is critical that business owners have trusted legal counsel they can rely upon for the sound advice and skilled legal representation they require. At ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC , we are committed to providing the quality legal representation and highly personalized representation that businesses require. We are pleased to assist clients in a wide range of business law matters, including:

  • Business formations: We assist many clients with the formation of an LLC, PC or other business startup. Choosing the correct form of business entity can provide significant advantages and help business owners minimize exposure to critical liability risks.
  • Contracts and transactions: We draft and review contracts and assist with business transactions. We offer assistance with business contracts, buy and sell agreements, covenants not to compete and other employee contracts, mergers and acquisitions, partnership ventures, shareholder agreements, non-compete agreements, and other contracts and transactions.
  • Litigation: We represent business owners in contract disputes, partnership disputes, lease and real estate disputes, business dissolution disputes, stockholder litigation, employment law disputes and other civil litigation. We represent clients at all phases of dispute resolution, including pre-claim negotiations, mediation, arbitration and trial.
  • Business succession planning: Succession planning involves all matters that relate to the act of ensuring that the business is taken over or acquired by the person or entity to which you wish it to pass. Too often, individuals fail to plan for this very important continuum in their business planning, and valuable time and resources have to be diverted to deal with matters following the withdrawal or death of a business principal. Our business and estate planning attorneys work together closely to ensure that each is kept abreast of the latest trends and up to date with tax laws to ensure that financial disruptions are minimized and businesses are empowered to continue their operations without unnecessary challenges.
  • General advice and representation: We provide sound advice and counsel in matters essential to successful business operations.

As a client of ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC , you can be certain that you will be represented by a skilled and knowledgeable attorney who is committed to protecting your legal rights and business interests. Call us today at (317) 350-1000 and put our experience to work for you! You may also contact us by e-mail.