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Resolving a dispute in court is only one method of dispute resolution. Alternate forms of dispute resolution (ADR) include Arbitration and Mediation. Mediation and or Arbitration can often be a less expensive and faster process for resolving a dispute.


The mediation process is an informal and confidential process. A mediator cannot be compelled to come to court (if a case does not settle) and testify about what was said during mediation. Mediation can take place with lawyers present or without them. Mediators do not provide legal advice, but do advise and, when appropriate, encourage each party on settlement of the case. A mediator has no authority to make a decision and only works to help the parties reach settlement.


An Arbitration is much like a having a private judge. An arbitrator has authority to make a decision which is binding upon each party. Arbitration clauses are very common in contracts, and can be the required method of dispute resolution. Parties may also just agree to utilize this method to resolve a dispute as opposed to actually going to court.

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