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ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC has the experience to help with just about any real estate or land use matter.

Commercial and Residential Sales

As either a seller or a buyer, it is always important to ensure that property being conveyed is void of encumbrances that would create a liability for either party at a later time. ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC is familiar with the types of encumbrances, such as liens, or other examinations that need to be made prior to purchasing or selling real estate, and stand ready to assist both buyers and sellers.

Contract Disputes

When one party fails to abide by an agreement as to the obligations pledged, it oftentimes requires the services of the court to settle the dispute. Regardless of whether you are the party which filed the suit or the party defending an agreement, it is wise to seek the services of an attorney who is completely familiar with real estate and associated contracts. ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC can review, advise and represent either party during the process – which might include litigation, or other alternative dispute resolution processes.

Builder Warranty Disputes

Your home may be the largest investment you make in your life. Protecting it and ensuring that contractors abide by the warranties issued should be a primary concern. When you find yourself in a situation that jeopardizes the value of your home because your contractor ignores his or her obligation, it is time to consult with ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC. We can review, advise and represent you in court, if necessary, or through an alternative dispute resolution process, to ensure that your investment is protected.

Zoning / Land Use

Hamilton and Boone Counties are two of the fastest growing counties in the country. The rural agrarian landscape changes on a daily basis. When governmental bodies impose differing regulations regarding land use, building size, signage and the like, and it affects your property or property you are considering purchasing, it may become necessary to have someone with experience represent you and your interests to ensure that your plans are incorporated within the zoning ordinances of the governmental body. Should that occur, ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC stands ready to help.

Eminent Domain

The inherent power of a governmental entity to take your privately owned property and convert it to public use is a provision not found in the United States Constitution, but one which is provided for under certain circumstances in the 5th Amendment. The governmental taking of private property must be for public use, which can be an issue for interpretation. With any such taking, the governmental entity must reasonably compensate the property owner. You should consider ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC when you are navigating through this complex maze to ensure your compensation is reasonable and that the taking of the property is in fact appropriate under the law.

Land Use

When ordinances or other legislative enactments intended to govern the development of real estate through methods such as zoning and environment impact studies become a problem, ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC stand ready to provide wise counsel or representation for your land use needs.

Lease Agreements

Before you enter into any lease agreement, whether commercial or residential, you should contact ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC to ensure it is fair and reasonable. Recognizing and understanding obligations from and to parties in a lease can be a difficult task, particularly in commercial lease agreements. Although not all issues can be foreseen, whether you are a tenant or landlord, we will strive to ensure you avoid as many pitfalls as possible and that you know and understand the terms before making any such commitment.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Oftentimes landlords find themselves dealing with a tenant that has failed to pay rent for several months, is hurting the value of the property, has abandoned or damaged the leased premises, or any combination thereof. Landlords find themselves asking what is the best and proper recourse they have against these tenants. Conversely, tenants may find themselves dealing with a landlord that refuses to repair a furnace, leaky sink or toilet, broken window or worse. Tenants then ask whether they can stop paying rent, deduct a portion of rent or vacate the premises if in bad condition. All of these types of situations necessitate sound and knowledgeable legal advice, which you can find at ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC.

Real Estate Litigation

As a catchall for any real estate dispute, “real estate litigation” spans from disputes involving residential purchase agreements to commercial leases to condemnation and more. There are many pitfalls in real estate transactions. Thus, the best approach to any real estate matter is to come to ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC prior to entering into any agreement. But, if you find yourself facing litigation, no matter the dispute, ALTMAN, POINDEXTER & WYATT LLC stand ready to help you.

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