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Planning Estates For Families & Individuals

Every person needs to have a plan in place for the management and distribution of their assets, regardless of the estate’s size, upon their passing. At Altman, Poindexter & Wyatt LLC, our team of skilled attorneys in Carmel is dedicated to assisting you in the estate planning journey. We aim to create a personalized plan that aligns with your unique requirements. Our seasoned estate planning lawyers will lead you through the intricacies of crafting a will and other essential estate planning instruments that address your specific needs and worries.

Wills: What You Should Know

A will is a legal instrument that outlines how your assets should be allocated after you pass away, assuming these assets aren’t already governed by other directives. It is the tool you use to designate a trusted person or institution to oversee your estate and implement your final asset distribution wishes. Furthermore, for individuals with minor children, a will is pivotal for designating guardianship. This document addresses these and numerous other significant considerations that are part of estate planning.

Knowledge to Help with All Your Trust Needs

Trusts are versatile estate planning tools that come in various types and serve different purposes. Some trusts are established within a will and take effect after death, while others are separate entities that function throughout an individual’s life. Some trusts can be amended or revoked, and some are permanent and cannot be changed, known as irrevocable trusts.

Trusts provide clear instructions on how your assets should be managed and distributed upon your passing, designate who will manage the trust in the event of your incapacity, and can even serve specific objectives, such as reducing estate taxes or safeguarding the financial future of a family member with special needs. Our attorneys are well-versed in trust law and are ready to assist you with all your trust-related requirements.

Experience To Help You with Living Wills and Other Advanced Directives

Advance directives, commonly known as living wills, are crucial for outlining your health care preferences. These documents need to be carefully tailored to meet both the legal standards of your state and your individual wishes. Our team of estate planning attorneys is here to walk you through the latest options for advance directives, to have a meaningful conversation about your personal preferences, and to assist you in choosing the most suitable course of action.

After determining your choices, we’re here to aid in drafting a precise living will or to guide you to a health care professional for other types of advance directives that require execution in partnership with your physician. Our lawyers combine empathy, expertise, and experience to facilitate discussions that empower you to make the most personal and appropriate decisions for your care, thereby relieving your loved ones of these difficult choices.

The Importance Of A Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that delegates authority to another person, allowing them to act as your representative or attorney-in-fact. This document can be broad or specific in scope, encompassing general, durable, limited, irrevocable, or special powers depending on its intended purpose. Whatever your requirements may be, our estate planning lawyers are equipped to help you identify the most fitting type and scope of authority for your situation and then meticulously draft the power of attorney that best aligns with your needs.

Plan For Your Business’s Continued Success

Succession planning involves strategizing for the seamless transition of a business to the succeeding generation or chosen successors in a structured manner. Such planning is crucial to optimize the chances of the business’s enduring success and to reduce potential conflicts regarding the allocation of the business or its assets after your passing. At our firm, we offer the expertise of both business law and estate planning attorneys who are ready to assist you in crafting a comprehensive plan for your business’s future leadership and ownership.

Advocating For You In Will Contests And Trust Contests

Challenges surrounding wills and trusts can emerge when questions are raised about the legitimacy of these documents—specifically, if there’s a possibility they were executed by someone not of sound mind or under external pressure. Disagreements may also surface regarding the stewardship of estates and trusts. It’s common for family members to find themselves at odds in such disputes. These cases are notably more burdensome as they often occur alongside the emotional distress of losing a loved one. Our firm is well-equipped with the necessary experience and sensitivity to navigate you through this tough period, providing both legal expertise and emotional support to help you manage these sensitive matters.

Guiding You Through The Challenging Steps Of Guardianship

Guardianships provide a legal framework to appoint someone with the responsibility to care for those who cannot fully care for themselves, be it a minor child or an older adult facing challenges due to aging or illness. In the face of rising concerns over young adults struggling with unrecognized or unaddressed mental health problems, guardianships can offer much-needed support.

These legal arrangements can be designed to be either temporary or long-standing, depending on the needs of the individual. In urgent situations, an emergency temporary guardianship can also be set up. Our firm is equipped to guide you through the complexities of establishing guardianship, as well as managing the necessary administrative duties and financial reporting that come with it.

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