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Handling All Details Of Indiana Receiverships

There are several instances that may necessitate a receivership for a business or piece of real estate. Whether you are looking for a receiver, or hiring a law firm to represent a receiver, you will need attorneys who can ensure that you comply with the law and make wise decisions.  In either case, Altman, Poindexter & Wyatt LLC can serve as a receiver or as attorneys for receivers throughout Indiana.  Our attorneys can also advise you as to your rights as a creditor in a receivership action.

How Can An Indiana Receivership Lawyer Help Me?

Receiverships are an important tool to help creditors. Our receivership attorneys can assist you with all aspects of taking over a business so that funds do not disappear and assets are not sold prematurely during litigation.  Receiverships are often used as a tool to recover funds from debtors.

Being a receiver can include managing a number of complex legal and financial tasks. Doing so on your own is not wise, as a mistake can lead to trouble with the court or creditors. We can help you with:

  • Marshaling assets
  • Disbursing assets
  • Facilitating communication between receivers and creditors
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Hiring forensic accountants and other professionals
  • Pursuing litigation

We care deeply about getting our clients the outcome that they need. For receivers, this means assuming control of the business or real property in compliance with the law and with financial prudence. For creditors, this means protecting their rights and preventing the debtor’s situation from becoming worse.

Discuss Your Options With A Receivership Attorney

Discuss receiverships in greater detail when you schedule an initial consultation with us. Please call 317-743-0054 or send us an email to begin.